Earlyman is the intersection of instinct and insight resulting in ingenuity:

A consultancy and holding company – Earlyman has the talent and vision to advance projects of all sizes and stages to the next level. Earlyman is not just early on the scene, Earlyman is able to understand complex ideas and simplify them for the benefit of our Clients, their assets and investors.

Earlyman uses a seven-part methodology in its consultant services and works with early stage ventures, emerging businesses and established companies to provide best of breed strategies, analysis, market research and execution of new business plans for our Clients.

Earlyman is a holding company with investments in consumer products, technology, healthcare, education, entertainment and real estate. The Earlyman team consists of individuals with real world operating experience.


Who We Serve

Earlyman serves an array of Clients from Early Stage Ventures to Emerging Businesses to Established Companies. Earlyman has investment and operational experience in the following industries: Consumer Products, Technology, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Entertainment and Real Estate.


Earlyman has three distinct divisions: A consultancy where we work with Clients from entrepreneurs to mid-sized businesses to large companies. A Holding Company with assets in the consumer products, technology, healthcare, education and real estate. And finally a Micro-Fund that will be launched in 2014.


Earlyman specializes in start-ups, business development, marketing, branding and positioning. Our clients are gratified to experience an immediate link between creative expertise and that of deep drilling analytical and practical efforts to ensure the success of our Clients initiatives.

Who We Are

We are entrepreneurs, experienced business operators, brand architects, MBA’s, financial strategists, business development experts, branding, marketing and positioning experts. We are Earlyman and we are here to help our Clients evolve.