Brand Architecture (Brand Architect, Robert R. Matheson)

Mr. Matheson – The original Earlyman brand architect has nearly 20 years of experience building brands. Noted for his work in consumer products and technology, Mr. Matheson brings a unique combination of creative and analytical talent to the role of Brand Architect.

When hiring Earlyman to brand, market or position an idea, venture or initiative, Mr. Matheson is the guiding force behind the strategy sessions, providing intuition, insight and integrity for the company.

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Brand Architecture is a reasonably new field of study and expertise, but those companies that implement a strong brand architecture from the start, or when re-positioing themselves will arguably be ahead of the competition.

Brand Architecture naturally means that one is starting from the basis of creating the strongest foundation from which to build a quality mark, offering and scalable business/brand.


A significant differentiator for most businesses is the scalablibilty of their brand. This is both an analytical challenge and intangible reality. Mr. Matheson’s innate talent is to bring out the core aspects of a brand’s architecture, to redesign it, to strengthen it and to build upon it. “Making the mark,” as Mr. Matheson refers to it, is the most significant aspect of the full organic approach that Ealryman takes to engineering brand architecture.

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