The Earlyman Evolution – A Seven-Part Methodology

The historical earlyman is considered the bridge between the pre-historic and the modern. Essentially this creature survived but also possessed unique and unusual mental and physical abilities amongst their piers to advance society. For example, earlyman is considered by most standards a family oriented creature, where community and modern advances sprung up around the established inner circle and spread out over time and space; with earlyman at the core of this expansion. Indeed it was earlyman that brought together the wisdom of experience and the vision to create in a kind of nexus of ideas and actions. Earlyman exhibited ingenuity.

Earlyman is process focused…by nature Earlyman has to be. Therefore, Earlyman puts a great deal of emphasis and importance on the process, team members and those that can be positively affected by the growth and effectiveness of the process. Earlyman builds the platform, the methodology and the team using the strengths of each team member.

This is the stable basis for the Earlyman platform and the foundation of a strong team, that is built from the ‘inner circle’ outward and grows exponentially, through relationships, deals and outcomes that benefit all who interact with the concentric circles around the Earlyman Platform.

Earlyman provides companies and individuals opportunities, resources and insights to prepare and launch impactful changes. We change the game by bringing hands-on business experience as visionaries, operators, managers and investors. Our approach assures bottom line and topline results are quantified and measured while clear direction and feedback are given throughout our engagement.

We understand business and how to create value. Our Clients have access to successful business and thought leaders in sales/marketing, operations and finance along with an extended network as needed. Our diverse team assures that we bring creativity and execution to our Clients. Earlyman is available to create, incubate or accelerate any company transition.

It is our belief that Earlyman (the earliest innovator) is the platform to bring insight and instinct to bear, resulting in ingenuity.

Ingenuity is critical to helping others. Earlyman assists Clients by creating, incubating and accelerating. Earlyman helps Clients do this with their ideas, businesses and relationships. The Earlyman methodology and practice is to help others start something worthy, survive the harshness of the elements and to grow and flourish in their respective endeavors.

The Seven-Part Methodology of the “Earlyman Evolution”:

  1. IdeationData download/brainstorm Sessions
  2. AnalysisProof of Concept/Brand Identity/Product Services/ROI
  3. RecommendationsRecommending next steps
  4. Development of PlanWriting of the Business Plan
  5. Buy-in and Change ManagementClient Evolution
  6. Final ImplementationExecution of the plan
  7. Ongoing MaintenanceContinued excellence and growth

Scope of Work and Time frame: (By Stage):

  • Stage 1 – One Week to Two Weeks (depending on schedules and location of team)
  • Stage 2 – One Month
  • Stage 3 – One Month
  • Stage 4 – Two to Three Months (depending on the scope of the plan)
  • Stage 5 – One to Two Months (depending on location of stakeholders)
  • Stage 6 – One to Six Months (depending on called for implementation)
  • Stage 7 – Six to Twelve Months (or beyond)


Summary of the Earlyman Evolution boils down to a set of principles summed up by one question.

Question: “How does a company evolve?”

Answer: H.O.W. = Honesty. Openness. Willingness.

The more honest, open and willing each person can be the better chance the Client has of changing, the better chance the Client has of perceiving opportunities previously hidden. Evolution is an organic process which may be accelerated by focus and faith. This process is ideally enjoyable and belief in a positive outcome is a major factor in its success.