Earlyman offers expertise in three distinct stages of business:

  • Early Stage Ventures10619667_s
  • Emerging Businesses
  • Established Companies

Using the Earlyman Methodology – What we call “Earlyman Evolution” – Earlyman services Clients in a wide array of areas and delivers meaningful and measurable results.

Our “Early Stage” engagements focus on developing and executing business plans, raising capital and the launch of products/brands. We help entrepreneurs focus on tangible objectives, allowing them to do what they do best to bring the business to the next level. Earlyman takes on the heavy lifting, freeing entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality.

Our “Emerging” engagements often focus on strategy shifts, changes to supply chain, branding or management assistance. We hone our approach to analyze the data first and develop strategies and answers second. Earlyman assists companies that have become so laser focused on running the day-to-day business (or don’t have the time or resources) to step back and understand the root causes of what is occurring and where it needs improvement.

Our “Established” engagements include change management, funding sources, rebranding efforts, niche initiatives requiring the Earlyman Evolution methodology. We often see established companies stagnate, leading to topline and bottom line deterioration. We assist with the development of strategies to help revamp a stagnate division or product offering, which results in an improved bottom line and overall business structure. Our analytical approach takes delves into every aspect of the business in order to elevate the current trajectory and attain new goals.

In all levels of engagement, Earlyman assists Clients to develop business plans, produce roadshows, identify strategic partners & investors; customers and suppliers. Our approach is comprehensive, giving the Client tools to better capture value by shifting or adapting to changing market conditions. The Earlyman Evolution is a key component to our Client’s successes and satisfaction.