Why Earlyman:

Earlyman was founded as a dynamic and evolutionary firm in 1999. Mr. Robert R. Matheson created Earlyman to primarily focus on creating, incubating and accelerating concepts – ideas and companies. Earlyman works with companies, investors, inventors and entrepreneurs.

It is our belief that Earlyman (the earliest innovator) is the platform to bring instinct and insight to bear, resulting in ingenuity.

That ingenuity is critical to helping others. Earlyman assists Clients by creating, incubating and accelerating. Earlyman helps Clients do this with their ideas, businesses and relationships. The Earlyman methodology and practice is to help others start something worthy, survive the harshness of the elements and to grow and flourish in their respective endeavors.

Earlyman Team:

Inner Circle:

The Earlyman inner circle is the key differentiator for the firm.

Earlyman Advisors:

  • Charles T. Matheson
  • Thomas McQueeney
  • Andrew K. Reilly
  • Katherine W. Buxton
  • Arnoud de Villegas

The Earlyman advisors are instrumental in providing guidance, sound advice and support.

Working with Earlyman:

Earlyman is always hunting and gathering.

To work with Earlyman, please send an email to info@earlyman.com. Please include a cover letter and any other documentation that you believe will be helpful in Earlyman evaluating your business.

At Earlyman we build our teams based on a mutual understanding of positivity, strengths and faith in efforts towards unified outcomes. All team members have discovered their strengths through Gallup’s StrengthsFinder 2.0. This particular attribute of our process is vitally important to our success as each individual’s strength increases our ability to perform at high level and demonstrate efforts as we implement meaningful results.

Earlyman Network:

  • Rocket Dog NYC – Christian Hosford (Branding/Marketing/Design)
  • Convoy – Matt Thomas (Graphic Design)
  • Andy Welkley (Web-Design)

Earlyman Partners:

Earlyman enlists the services and talents of several partners who work directly with Earlyman and our Clients. From PR and Communications experts, to design firms and digital media specialists, Earlyman has a substantial professional network to choose all over the world.

In some instances Earlyman will introduce Clients directly to our network of strategic partners in order to expedite design solutions, funding sources, or additional business development channels.

All Earlyman Clients can expect to have access to the Earlyman network.

Earlyman Fees:

Determined by the scope of the work and the over all time that the Client wants to commit to their goals.

Earlyman requires a minimum of a three-month engagement and monthly retainer.

Earlyman partners’ costs will be passed on to the Client in most cases, as established by an engagement agreement. Earlyman partners with designer and communications firms.

Earlyman, LLC may consider ownership/equity-based options/warrants and profit sharing as a sophisticated solution to supplementing some fees.