Earlyman Evolution – Stage Two:

Analysis – Proof of Concept/Brand Identity/Product Services/ROI

Earlyman evaluates each Client opportunities/projects for proof of concept, brand recognition, known and unknown revenue streams, use of content, distribution/payment structures currently in place, what revenue is being “left on the table” and do users want to pay for the concept/content/product/service? What is the ROI or financial endgame of the Client?

  • SWOT
  • Financial Modeling
  • Growth
  • Positioning and Branding
  • Marketing Initiatives
  • Customers/Users/Memberships
  • Roll up Strategies
  • Products and Services
  • Technology Review
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Legal and Investment Structure Review
  • Market Analysis
  • Partnerships
  • Advertising and PR Expenses


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